"Just because you are a character, does not mean that you have character."
- Winston Wolf

If you want to bring the character in your miniatures to life on your tabletop, or the characters in your head to life on a page, we're here to help.

You may have noticed that while some studios offer a “budget option” or a distinction between “rank and file” troops and “characters” - we do not. This is very much intentional as our focus is on character. If, like us, you feel that everyone, even the footsloggers, the extras, and the “nobodies”, can and do have as much personality and deserve as much attention as the heroes and generals, we're here to help.

Our painting service is not an assembly line as is the case in some studios, where one person handles only one aspect of a miniature before passing it on; all aspects of the job will be handled with care, by a single artist to create a cohesive whole. Our illustration services will be tailored to your needs, and our focus will be on drawing out and maximising the personality your work can have.

While we feel our prices are competitive for the type of service we're offering (and indeed, don't take our word for it, have a look around and see for yourself), if your main goal is simply to have a large army painted cheaply or a high volume of drawings done on a slim budget, we will usually suggest other services which will be more suited to your needs.

General Pricing & Payment

All prices are in USD, though Canadian customers are welcome to request quotation & billing in CAD

Accepted payment methods are cheque (US, EU, Canada, or Australia only), direct Interac e-transfer (US and Canada only), or Paypal

If you send an envelope full of cash, you do so at your own risk and it will no doubt be used for a “making it rain” YouTube video before being mysteriously misplaced. The price list may be changed without warning if the landlord looks at us funny, or we decide we want to buy a closet full of shiny chrome pants, so please look at the current list before planning anything. If paying by cheque, information will be provided in the quote.

In almost all cases, prices are charged as a flat, per-project rate, and not hourly

It is possible that a project which is large and complex and expected to run long-term (i.e. several weeks or more) may possibly be an exception to this rule and be charged at an hourly rate. However, this would be rare and any such circumstances would be discussed well in advance or work starting.

Miniatures Painting

Please note the minimum miniatures painting order size is $100

To use the list you will need to know how we define some of the categories:

Scale – This is measured from the base to the eyes but is rarely accurate even between models from the same manufacturer. I use common sense with this, for example a standard Games Workshop model is counted as 25mm to 35mm. 45mm+ are typically display models. When in doubt, check with us.

Infantry / Foot models – This is a model on foot. Simple, eh? A human or humanoid model of normal-ish size fits in this category (rank and file fantasy Orcs do, Ogres don't). Models with large amounts of equipment, lots of detail (i.e. complex body tattoos, decoration or extremely intricate uniforms such as some Napoleonic Hussars) may incur an extra fee to cover the additional time required. As with scale, when in doubt, check with us.

Cavalry / Mounted models – This is a model on a mount (a horse, motorbike, or any other such ride) and the rider plus mount count as a single model. Standard sizes are assumed (trying to convince us that an elephant, woolly rhino, or dinosaur is a regular mount just taking the piss) so anything outside the norm will be quoted separately. Again, models with large amounts of equipment, lots of detail (i.e. complex body tattoos, decoration or extremely intricate uniforms such as some Napoleonic Hussars) may incur an extra fee to cover the additional time required.

Flag or Standard Bearer – Really, this is getting tedious. This applies to a model that is carrying... that’s right! Custom hand-painted banner or flag designs will be quoted on an individual basis dependant on size & complexity.

Large Models – Large models such as Giants, Dragons, Ogres, Elephants, Warjacks, Engines of War, or any such large beast will be priced on an individual basis.

Miniatures Painting Pricing – 2015

15mm to 20mm Scale

Infantry/Foot models – $25 (additional $10 for a flag or standard bearer)

Cavalry/Mounted models – $40 (additional $10 for a flag or standard bearer)

25mm to 35mm Scale

Infantry/Foot models – $35 (additional $10 for a flag or standard bearer)

Cavalry/Mounted models – $50 (additional $10 for a flag or standard bearer)

45mm+ Scale

Quoted on an individual basis


Paint Removal – $2 per model (horse and rider count as separate models). This option is also open for plastic models, but it can have an adverse effect on glue.

Assembly – This includes everything from taking models off the sprue to gluing, priming, and basing. Basing is generally free but see additional information below. You may assemble models yourself to save money, but we strongly prefer that you please do not prime them. Minis that you assemble will be checked for large errors; if any are found they will be fixed (a couple are on the house). Please be careful when packing miniatures as neglect (throwing them loose in a box with little protection) will force us to charge to reassemble them. On top of that, parts can break in places other than glue joints or the models may become otherwise damaged.

One-Piece Infantry/Foot models – $1

Multi-Part Infantry/Foot models – $2

Two-Piece Cavalry/Mounted models – $3

Multi-Part Cavalry/Mounted models – $5

Larger Models – Quoted on an individual basis

Basing – Individual unit models will be based free of charge on pennies, nickels, or plasticard (to reasonable dimensions of your choice) where the figure does not already include a base.

You are entirely welcome to send washers, other coins etc. if you have a preference for a different kind of base and your models can be based on these instead. Basic base texturing is included (either a simple dirt & flock base, unpainted, or a flat painted colour of your choice). Adding tufts to a simple dirt base is $1 per model and more complex scenic bases will be priced on an individual basis. Any larger multi-based figures or scenic displays will be priced separately depending on size and how ambitious they are.

Complex items - Larger gaming or display pieces, integrated terrain, vehicles, special commissions and scratch built things would be impossible to write a list for so we haven't bothered. We are more than happy to consider the less usual jobs (they are a break from the tedium of 22 hour days with 2 hours enforced overtime) and will quote them on an individual basis. If large amounts of materials are required then the cost of these will be added, but a blob of modelling putty or a short length of balsa is too petty for anyone to bother with. Things covered in this category will usually require payment in advance.

Terrain Building

Please note the minimum terrain building order size is $300

Terrain building is less regimented than miniatures painting and can only be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please bear in mind that in addition to labour and material costs, there will be design and planning costs as well. Please also bear in mind that shipping charges for terrain will typically be proportionally higher. Framson Studios is not able to handle requests for full modular boards at this time, though we can do roll-up terrain mats. It will be noted if this changes in future. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Digital Artwork

Please note the minimum digital artwork order size is $150

The artwork referred to here is normally two-dimensional artwork, hand-drawn and hand-painted using digital tools, though other forms are possibly available (just ask!). In general, two-dimensional artwork resembles terrain in that you will need to contact us with details for an individual quote. However, there are some factors to consider which will impact the price.


Default page size is assumed to be 8.5” x 11” at print or within 2-3” of this size.

Small – A small image only a few square inches in size, i.e. a detail illustration, small character bust portrait, cameo, or small simple figure.

Half-page – Slightly larger illustration which may take up the substantial portion of a page it is featured on, such as a simple scene, or a more detailed figure portrait or bust.

Full-page or cover – As you might have guessed, this refers to illustrations which will cover the majority or otherwise dominate of a standard page. Full scenes, multiple characters, or individual elements/portraits detailed enough to serve as a book cover or splash page.

Multi-page or poster – Any image which significantly exceeds book sizes, up to poster size. This may be for a poster, double splash page, game board surface, or other large-format artwork.


Lineart – This refers simply to artwork which is lineart only, without being shaded in any way. These can be black lines grounded on plain white, or with a line and ground colour of your choice.

Grayscale or Monochrome – You seem a clever sort, so we suspect you know where this is going. This refers to artwork with very simple grayscale shading, or, similarly, a simple monochromatic shading scheme (i.e. a sepia).

Full Colour – Righto, this is the one with all the colours of the rainbow. Well, the ones necessary for that particular piece anyway.

Changes & Planning

In most cases, several planning sketches will be submitted to the customer by us (1-3 for most smaller or simpler projects) and one will be chosen for the final artwork. Upon completion of the final artwork, you may request up to two rounds of minor revision at no charge. Additional modifications or changes after this will incur additional charges (a flat rate in most cases, or possibly an hourly rate for longer, more complex revisions) which will be described in detail and for which client approval is required before work continues.

Intended Use & Licensing Rights

Time for some terribly boring fine print! Before any conventional project is started, it is necessary that you advise us in writing of the expected usage for the artwork. If you’re unsure, please let us know and we can quote you a range based on several scenarios). Distribution does affect our pricing and artwork intended for wide reproduction and distribution are subject to slightly different fees than artwork intended for purely personal projects not intended for publication.

As a rule, any pre-existing creations of the customer will remain the property of the customer. Any characters, worlds, or other unique creations created by Framson Studios, will remain the property of Framson Studios, but the customer may choose to purchase the rights for temporary distribution or permanent ownership for an additional fee. While that might sound scary, the extra fees mainly refers only to those situations where we are specifically asked to create unique people, places, or things for publication - a drawing of some generic bodies, random bystanders, a historical person, ordinary equipment, or other such nondescript things would not be a "unique creation" and not subject to any additional fees! If you're worried or find this unclear, just ask us to clarify anything! All fees will be laid out in full in the discussion prior to the beginning of any project.

In all cases, we retain a limited right to display any commissioned artwork on our website or other sites where our portfolio is displayed, expressly and solely for the promotion of the artist. If you wish for a grace period (i.e. that the artwork should not be displayed on our site for a particular initial time period) in order to retain exclusivity or secrecy for your project, this is no problem and comes at no charge, unless the period asked for is more than a month after publication. Longer periods can be negotiated for a fee.

Transfer of Finished Files

All artwork will be sent via email or file upload, free of postage or handling charges, as a .tif file (or an alternate standard format, such as .png, .jpg etc. at the customer’s request, though bear in mind these may result in lower image quality). Original working files are not provided - only the final image. A file may be mailed on a USB key, or physical copies may be printed and mailed for an extra charge depending on medium, paper stock, postage, and other costs.

Digital Artwork Pricing – 2015

In general, size is the most important determinant of price, followed by colour, and finally usage. As mentioned, this is handled individually. Please contact us for a quote.

Postage and Packaging

We only use Regular First Class Airmail with tracking, or Priority Mail (which also includes tracking). All miniatures will be packaged appropriately to prevent damage.

US or Canada – For orders in the US or Canada, please add 10% to cover postage costs (additional costs will apply if Priority mail is requested), from a minimum of $15 (which may exceed 10% on very small orders) up to a $30 maximum charge.

International – For international orders outside the US or Canada, please add 25% to cover postage costs, from a minimum of $35 (which may exceed 25% on very small orders) up to a maximum $60 charge.

Digital artwork will be provided via download link or email attachment, or can be uploaded to a cloud storage location you have provided access to, free of charge.

Any miniatures orders over $350 will be postage-free within the US or Canada, and over $500 are postage free worldwide.

Any terrain orders over $750 will be postage-free within the US or Canada, and over $1000 are postage free worldwide.

Placing an Order

Ah, the nitty-gritty or, as we like to call it, how do you give us your money? Please use our contact form below to send a full description of your order (or your enquiry, if you just have a question); we reply as soon as possible. When we have calculated your order you will receive a quotation, an order number and an approximate time for completion. Minimum order is $100 for miniatures painting, $150 for two-dimensional artwork (before postage costs), and $300 for terrain (before postage costs).


Miniatures Painting – Your miniatures painting order is only confirmed when we receive your models or a deposit/full payment in advance. This prevents all other customers in the queue being delayed in the event of someone else having a problem. You can either post your models to us or ask us to buy them for you (to save on postage costs) in which case we will obviously add them to your bill and require payment in advance (note that assembly fees will apply). Some customers prefer to send payment by cheque with their models for convenience and to prevent delays caused by payment clearing; no customer's cheque is cashed before work starts on their project and they are informed beforehand to prevent nasty shocks to the bank balance. For standard orders, when done, you will receive a confirmation email with a photo of the completed models, along with an invoice (if you haven't already paid in advance); when payment clears, the items will be mailed to you.

Please ensure your payment clears no more than 30 days after you are invoiced or your models will be re-sold to cover costs!

If you can't guarantee you will be able to pay within this time DON'T ORDER!

Terrain and Digital Artwork – Your artwork order is only confirmed when we have provided a quote and received written approval as well as a deposit/full payment as described in your quote. All orders require a deposit as described in your quote before any work begins. In the event you do not wish to proceed after seeing the planning sketches, we will retain the deposit as a project kill fee. If you do wish to continue, payment in full will be required before proceeding for most projects but in the case of large or ongoing projects, alternate arrangements (including a separate second deposit) can be arranged. No artwork is released until payment clears.

Grateful thanks to Paul Cubbins for his assistance in compiling this page.

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